Scottish mile

In the interest of uniform measures throughout the United Kingdom, attempts were made from an early date to stamp out the Scottish mile in favor of the English statute mile. The Scottish Parliament passed a statute to that effect in 1685.


In Scotland, 16th century, = 8 (Scottish) furlongs = 320 falls = 5920 feet, about 1.12 English statute miles.

Huntar (1624).


In Scotland, before the 16th century – 18th century, the common mile, 1500 5-foot paces = 7500 feet, about 1.42 statute miles (about 2.29 kilometers). Also called a “computed mile” in contrast to the “measured mile”, one the result of surveying land. Also called (by the English) a “countrey mile”.

Huntar (1624). (For the length of the pace).


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