migliaio [Italian]

An Italian word meaning "thousand".


In Venice, a unit of land area, = 1000 square passi, about 3023.01 square meters. The Venetian passo (1.73868 meters) was 5 pieds, not the pas agraire of 4 pieds.


Various units of mass, mostly 1000 of some pound. In particular, see migliaio grosso

E di nolo debon avere per detti luoghi ducati 20 del migliaio de la lane e panni, e ogne migliaio de lane s'entende chiovi 90 d'Inghilterra.

And they have as the price in that place 20 ducats per migliao of wool and cloth, and each migliaio of wool is understood to be 90 English cloves [630 pounds av.].

Archivio Datini


In Venice, 15ᵗʰ – 19ᵗʰ centuries, a unit of liquid capacity for oil, = 40 miri, about 631.59 liters.¹ Paucton² puts it between 627.3 and 640.7 liters, depending on whether his values, given in Paris pintes, are converted with the legal or the working equivalent. If we take the Florentine orcio at 33.43 liters, the 15ᵗʰ century migliao would have been about 672.8 liters.

1. Martini, 1883, page 818.

2. Paucton, 1780, page 809.


Migliaio uno d'olio di Vinegia che dà mirri quaranta torna in Firenze orcia venti e un octavo o circa.

One Venetian migliaio of oil, that of 40 miri, becomes in Florence 20⅛ orcia or thereabouts.

Chiarini, 1481.

El meiar de l'oio che son miri 40 a mesura a pexo grosso da Venesia son £1210 fano a pexo grosso da Padua £1185.

The migliaio of oil which is 40 miri by the measure of the Venetian libbre grossa, 1220 libbre, by the libbre grosso of Padua, 1185 libbre.

Bartolommeo di Pasi.
Tariffa de' pesi e mesure con gratia et privilegio.

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