See also Metze, as the two terms were sometimes interchangeable.


In Austria, a unit of land area, about 1918.21 square meters. symbol for chart link Originally a seed measure of land, the area that would be sown by a Metze of seed.


In Lower Austria, a unit of dry capacity. Article 4 of the law¹ establishing the metric system in Austria specified that the Wiener Metzen was equivalent to 61.48682 liters.

1. Gesetz of 23 July 1871, R.G.B 1872, No. 16. The law is reproduced in
Georg Thaa.
Das Mass- und Gewichtwesen und der Richdienst in Österreich.
Volume 13 of Taschenausgabe de Österreichischen Gesetze.
Vienna: Munz'sche k. u. k. Hof- Verlags- und Universitats-Buchhandlung, 1900.


In Bohemia, a unit of dry capacity used for grain, = ¼ Viertel, about 5.8489 liters.

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