In Ceylon, 20ᵗʰ century, = 1 imperial quart (about 1.1365 liters).

United Nations, 1966.


In the Madras Presidency, India, 19ᵗʰ century, a unit of capacity = 104 cubic inches. Synonymous with puddy.


When the term “Madras measure” is used in the district statements below, it means the customary measure or puddy of the town of Madras, of 104 cubic inches, holding 117 tolahs' weight of rice when struck, and 120 (1½ seers) when filled to running over; —and 128 when liberally heaped. When the term “Madras garce” is used in the mofussil [i.e., rural areas], it generally means 4,800 pucka seers of 80 tolahs' weight of rice (heaped) each. This is correct if the Madras measure is used running over, but not heaped. If it is heaped to a weight of 125 rupees, the equivalent would be 5,000 seers. What is called the “Standard Government measure” is that of 100 cubic inches, proposed as a standard by Government in 1846, but never used except by the Commissariat.

Manual of the Administration of the Madras Presidency… Volume II.
Madras: Printed by E. Keys, at the Government Press, 1885.
Page 506.


In England, 15ᵗʰ – 16ᵗʰ centuries, a unit of capacity used for woad, = 1/16th of a pipe, perhaps about 7 7/8 wine gallons, about 29.8 liters.



To my daughter a pipe of woad good and merchantable, of the real value of 20 marcs sterling, containing 16 measures, of Bristol measure, secundum assaiam et probacionem cons'ilis gaide in eadem villa antiquit usitat.

Will dated 1498.
T. P. Wadley.

Notes or abstracts of the wills contained in the volume entitled “The Great Orphan Book and book of wills” in the Council house at Bristol.
Bristol: Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, 1886.
Page 127.


Item I bequeith to William More ij mesers of Ode with this condicion that he come and bring me my dutie of money that he owith me.

Excerpt from the will of Joan Wynne, 1494. (Series I, page 322.)

To the Prior of the said place and to all the hoole convent 4 mesures of Oode to pray for me and all myne.

Excerpt from the will of William Love, 1516. (Series II, page 187.)

To William Bartlett, John Colyns, Thurstan Carswell, Willm Slade, Richard Hyett and Elyanor Redgrounde, a measure of woode each.

Excerpt from the will of Thomas Ingler, 1542. (Series III, page 73.)

All of the above excerpts from F. W. Weaver, ed.; Somerset Medieval Wills; Somerset Record Society; 3 volumes 1901, 1903, 1905. Wills written in Latin used the word mensuras (for example, William Clyve, 1428, series I, pg. 126; John Beste 1488, series I, page 279).

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