A unit of liquid capacity in North Africa. Also spelled mataro, mettar, metal, metallo, mitre.

In Libya, 20ᵗʰ century, a unit of capacity, about 23.32 liters (about 6.16 U.S. gallons).

Nineteenth Century (mostly from Doursther, 1840)
Locale Local Names and Equivalents Liters
Algers mettallo, metalli; for oil; weighs 20 rotl-kèbir or 30 rotl-attari, about 16.38 kilograms 17.90
Tripoli mattaro; for oil; weighs 42 rottoli, about 20.9 kilograms 23.34
Tunis mataro, mitre, mettar, metal; for oil; 19.69;
for wine; 6¼ mitres = 1 millerole 9.88
Soussa for oil 24.00

1. Kelly, page  @.

In Tunis and Tripoli, 14th century, a unit of liquid capacity for oil, about @ liters.

L'olio si vende [in Tunis] a una misura che si chiama mattaro, il mattaro à rottoli 32 a peso, e fa chonto una garra di Tunisi tiene 5 in 6 mattari.

Oil is sold by a measure they call a mattaro, the mattaro weighs 32 ruotoli, and they count a giara of Tunis as containing 5 to 6 mattari.

Italian in Majorca, 1399.
Archivio Datini. Registro. 1026, as quoted in Edler, page 173.

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