Matt [German]

A unit of land area in the duchy of Oldenburg, later Lower Saxony. According to the law gazette of 16 July 1869 (upon formation of the Norddeutschen Bund):

Locale Unit Equivalents Approx. area
in sq. meters
Kniphausen Kniphauser old Matt 155 square Ruten, each of 400 square Fuss 5428
Kniphauser new Matt 155 square Ruten, each of 324 square Oldenburger Fuss 4396
Jever Jeversches old Matt 300 square Ruten, each of 200.69 square Fuss 5271.67
Jeversches new Matt 120 square Rute, each of 400 square Rhineland Fuss 4728

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