matlaxocpallatamachiualoni [Nahuatl]

A unit of length.

matlaxocpallatamachiualoni, which formidable synthesis is analyzed as follows:
matla, from matlactli, ten,
xocpal, from xocpalli, foot-soles,
tamachia, to measure (from machiotl, a sign, or mark, like the Cakchiquel etal),
l for lo, sign of the passive,
oni, a verbal termination “equivalent to the Latin billis or dus” (Carochi, Arte de la Lengua Mexicana, p. 123). Thus the word means that which is measurable by ten foot lengths.

The second word was matlacyxitlatamachiualoni.

The composition of this is similar to the former, except that in the place of the perhaps foreign root xoc, foot, yxitl, foot, is used, which seems to have been the proper Nahuatl term.

Daniel G. Brinton.
The Lineal Measures of the Semi-Civilized Nations of Mexico and Central America.
Philadelphia: 1885?.
Page 194 of 194-207.

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