marjac [Arabic]

In Tunisia, various units of land area, often = 16 kharrouba = 64 kirât. Also romanized as marjâa.

area in
sq. meters
  Localities, alternate local names
576 16 square ḥabl, each ḥabl  6 meters long Zarzis, called a zitouna.
600   M’saken*, called a marjaa karoui.
625 a square 1 ḥabl of 25 meters on a side;
1/16 of a hectare.
Tunis, La Goulette, Souk-el-Arba, Nabeul, Dar-Chaabane, Kairouan, the area near Bizerte
800   Sfax. This may be an error for 900.
864 24 square ḥabl, each ḥabl 6 meters long “certain localities in the region of Sfax.”
900 25 square ḥabl, each ḥabl 6 meters long. Sfax; Ben-Gardane (called a marjaa fellahi). Legendre identifies this unit with the jerib of 3,600 square dira.
1000 1/10 of a hectare Cap-Bon (= 8 thmen).
1024 32 meters squared. The 32-meter length was also called a marjâa. Cap-Bon. Legendre speculates that this unit arose as a replacement for the machia, as large properties were divided up and became unsuitable for field crops.
1600   Sousse; Ksour-Essaf; Thala; M’saken* (called a marjaa sahli).

*Legendre's source is Fleury (Revue Tunisienne), published in 1895. Fleury says these two M'saken units have not been in use for 60 years, and Legendre says he does not find them in current use.

Marcel Legendre.
Survivance des Mesures Traditionnelles en Tunisie.
Publications de L’Institut des Hautes ètudes de Tunis.
Memoires du Centre D’ètudes de Science Humaines, volume 4.
Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1958.

Pages 29 and 32.

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