manjadi []

In India, ? – 19ᵗʰ century,

Telugu modern romanization manḍzāḍi



Manjádi, Manjáli, or Mánchádi, &c. Tam. Mal.(), Manjáli, Tel. () A weight for weighing diamonds; a carat, or four grains avoirdupois. In Malabar it is said to be used for weighing gold, and Manchaḍiyiḍ () to be the name of the weight used for diamonds only.

H. H. Wilson, 1855, page 329.


മഞ്ചാടി maǹǰāḍi 5., also മഞ്ചാടിക്കുരു. A bean of the Adenanthera pavonina, weighing 4 grains, used as goldsmith's weight.

Herman Gundert.
A Malayalam and English dictionary.
Mangalore, London, C. Stolz; Trübner & Co., 1872.
Page 772.


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