maen [Welsh]

In Wales, a unit of mass used for wool, originally = 28 pounds avoirdupois, by 1815 26 pounds. chart showing relationships between Welsh units for wool


Wool seems to have been formerly sold in the north of Pembrokeshire, and in the adjoining tract of Cardiganshire, by the maen of 28 lb., being the English todd, or 1 qr. of a cwt.: its subdivisions were— 2 lb. avoirdupois in the pwys; 3½ pwys in the topston; and four topstons in the maen. This maen, of late, is reduced to 26 lb.

Walter Davies.
General View of the Agriculture and Domestic Economy of South Wales. Vol II.
London: Printed by B. McMillan… for Sherwood, Neeley & Jones, Paternoster Row; Tudor and Heath, Monmouth; Stucley, Abergavenny; etc., 1815.
Page 202.

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