Loth [German]

In German-speaking areas, a unit of mass, about 0.5 ounces avoirdupois link to a table showing relationships between units of mass based on the mark of Köln in Germany Later it became a name for 10 grams, see Neuloth.


Article 4 of the law¹ establishing the metric system in Austria specified that the Wiener Loth was equivalent to 17.50187 grams. By the same law, the Postloth = 16.666667 grams.

1. Gesetz of 23 July 1871, R.G.B 1872, No. 16. The law is reproduced in
Georg Thaa.
Das Mass- und Gewichtwesen und der Richdienst in Österreich.
Volume 13 of Taschenausgabe de Österreichischen Gesetze.
Vienna: Munz'sche k. u. k. Hof- Verlags- und Universitats-Buchhandlung, 1900.

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