llestraid [Welsh]

Various units of dry capacity in the county of Glamorgan, Wales¹, ? – 19ᵗʰ century:

In Cardiff, a unit of dry capacity for grain, = “20 gallons = 2½ bushels = 4 peccaid = 16 pedwran or quarters. Sometimes required, for wheat, to weigh 168 pounds.”¹. In the Winchester measure of 1820, about 5376 cubic inches or 88.1 liters.

In Aberthaw, = 21 gallons (Winchester measure, about 92.5 liters), also said to weigh 168 pounds.

In Bridgend², Cowbridge and Neath, a unit of capacity = 22 gallons (Winchester measure, 5913.6 cubic inches, or about 96.9 liters). 

In Swansea, = 24 gallons (Winchester measure, 6451.2 cubic inches, or about 108.8 liters). Also called a stacca.

1. Second Report of the Commissioners (1820). Page 22.

2. The Second Report refers to “South Wales : Bridge end.” Today several Welsh towns are called “Bridge End”, but in the map we have shown “Bridgend,” because it is the most southerly and is near Cowbridge.


4. Corn Measure. …
2. The provincial llestraid of 80 quarts = 2½ Winch. bush. …

The term llestraid seems peculiar to Glamorgan:

5 quarts, 1 pedwran (quarter)
4 pedwran, 1 peccaid of corn, or one hobaid of lime.
4 peccaid, 1 llestraid of corn, being 20 gallons.
4 llestraid, 1 crynog (cranock) of lime, &c. or 10 Winchester bushels.

This is upon the Cardiff scale: at Cowbridge and Bridge-end the pedwran is 5½ quarts, and consequently the llestraid is 22 gallons, and the cranock 11 Winchester bushels: at Neath and Swansea the pedwran is 6 quarts, the llestraid 24 gallons, and the cranock 12 Winchester bushels. In the latter two markets the llestraid of three Winchester bushels is commonly called a stack (stacca).

Walter Davies.
General View of the Agriculture and Domestic Economy of South Wales… Volume II.
London: Printed by B. McMillan, Bow-Street, Covent Garden: For Sherwood, Neely & Jones, Paternoster-Row; Tudor and Heath, Monmouth; etc., 1815.
Page 500.

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