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In Orknay and the Shetland Islands, a unit of mass used for butter, = 28 pounds.



A lispound is 28 lb. weight, and in each lispound is 24 marks.

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An Historical Description of the Zetland Islands.
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Weichtes and measures in Orknay

Item the butter is delivered in barrelles, quhair the quantitie is great, bot quhair the quantitie is small, it is delivered in marks, and lesh poundes. That is to say, xxiiij marks makis ane setting, as said is, and 6 settings makis an lesh pound.

Item, ane stane and twa pound Scottish, makis ane lesh pound.

Item 15 lesh pounds makis ane barrel.

Item. Butter is delivered in barrels, where the quantity is great, but where the quantity is small, it is delivered in marks and lispounds. That is to say, 24 marks make a setteen, as it is called, and 6 setteens make a lispound.

Item. A stane and 2 Scottish pounds make a lispound.

Item. 15 lispounds make a barrel.

Sir John Skene.
De verborum significatione.
Edinburgh, printed by David Lindsay, 1681.
Under the entry SERPLATH. The first edition was printed in Edinburgh in 1597.

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