See also: leaguer.

An old Dutch unit of liquid capacity, also found in the East Indies.

In Amsterdam, 19ᵗʰ century, when it was used for the spirit called arack, 1 legger = 15 ancres = 240 stoopen, approximately 270 – 280 liters.

In Batavia it equaled 160 English wine gallons = 80 velts of 1.601 gallons each.

In Java, early 20ᵗʰ century, the legger of arrak = 388 kans, about 578.88 liters (127.34 imperial gallons). Waverly says 582 liters (about 154 U.S. gallons).

At the Cape of Good Hope, 152 English wine gallons, about 575.38 liters. opens a new page containing a chart that shows relationships between this unit and other units in its system

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