la'mbana [Malagasy]

In Madagascar, a unit of quantity of bulrush peelings, as much as will fit in the circle made by touching the tip of the thumb to the tip of the forefinger. Cooks measure a quantity of spaghetti in a similar fashion.



La'mbana. s. As much of the peel of the bulrushes as would fill the space between the tip of the forefinger and the thumb joined. See Fihina.

La'mbànina, v. pass. (Imp. lambàno.) To be measured as above.

Mandàmbana, v. tr. (Imp. mandambàna, Rel. andambànana, Rei. Imp. andambàno.) To measure the peel of rushes by the Lambana.

J[ames] Richardson.
A New Malagasy-English Dictionary.
Antananarivo: The London Missionary Society, 1885.
Page 374.

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