kun [Korean]

In Korea, a unit of mass, since 1905 = 600 grams. opens a new page containing a chart that shows relationships between this unit and other units in its system Also romanized as geun, kon, keun, and sometimes called a catty. Some earlier magnitudes:

Centuries CE
in grams
3rd 222.73
6th-7th 668.19
7th-10th 596.82
10th-14th 596.82


Compounding this complication is that the value of a geun can change according to what is weighed. When weighing meat, 600 grams is a geun, while 400 grams can be a geun for fruits and 375 grams a geun for vegetables.

Kim Jun-Hee.
Taking Measure.
Invest Korea Journal, March-April 2007.

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