kujirajaku or kujira shaku

In Japan, ? – 20ᵗʰ century, a unit of length used for cloth, by a law of 1881 = ¹²⁵⁄₃₃₀  meter (37.878... cm).¹ One kujira shaku = 1 shaku, 2 sun, 5 bu of the common shaku measure.²

The kujirajaku is an alternative to the usual shaku (30.3 cm), which is sometimes called a kanejaku (metal shaku). Kujirajaku means whale shaku, because the rulers for measuring cloth were made from a whale whisker.

Also called a kujira shaku shaku, that is, a shaku of the kujira shaku standard.

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2. Details of the Weights and Measures Exposed at the World's Columbian Exposition by the Bureau of Commerce and Industry, Department of Agriculture and Commerce, Japan.
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Page 2.

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