pukka or sicca

In India, 19ᵗʰ century, these terms are frequently found modifying the names of weights and measures, including the seer

Kachchá, Kuchcha, incorrectly, Kacha, or Kucha, and, corruptly, Cutcha, Kutcha, &c., H. &c. (l, ) Káncha, Ben. ( ) Káchi, Kácho, Guz. (, ) Raw, unripe, immature, crude, lit. or fig. ; as, a Kachcha house is one built of unbaked bricks or mud; a Kachcha person is one inexperienced, unskilful, silly : as applied to weights and measures it denotes inferiority; a Kachcha sèr is one less than the standard sèr : in revenue settlements it implies a direct assessment, one made with the Ryot, or Ryotwar, either where there is no recognised farmer or proprietor, or where his right of collection is suspended. In the Bombay Glossary it is also explained, when applied to a statement of any kind, to signify one minutely detailed (?).

H. H. Wilson, 1855, page 245.

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