kothaa [Assamese কঠা ]


In Assam, India, a unit of capacity = ½ seer.


In Assam, India, a unit of land area = 20 lochas = 1/5 bighaa. Probably a seed measure of land, the amount of land that would be sown with half a seer of seed.


কঠা … half a seer in measure, a measure of land.

M. Bronson.
A Dictionary of Assamese and English.
Sibsagor: American Baptist Mission Press, 1867.
Page 90. (Page is missing its folio number.)

কঠা … half a seer quantity … twenty lochas (of land)

University of Gauhati.
Candrakanta abhidhana : Asamiyi sabdara butpatti aru udaharanere Asamiya-Ingraji dui bhashara artha thaka abhidhana. 2nd ed.
Guwahati: Guwahati Bisbabidyalaya, 1962.
Page 170.

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