kor [Hebrew, כֹּר]

An ancient Hebrew unit of liquid capacity, about 230 liters. It had the same volume as the homer, a dry measure.  opens a new page containing a chart that shows relationships between this unit and other units in its system

In the King James translation of the Bible, in Ezekiel 45:14 kor is translated “cor,” but in 1 Kings 5:11 the kor is translated “measure.”

In Talmudic measures, the kor is a measure of dry capacity.  link to a chart showing relationships between Talmudic units of capacity.


Concerning the ordinance of oil, the bath of oil, ye shall offer the tenth part of a bath out of the cor, which is a homer of ten baths; for ten baths are an homer.

Ezekiel 45:14 (King James)

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