klom [Thai]

In Thailand, ? – 19ᵗʰ century, a small unit of mass, said to be the weight of 2 grains of rice. May be encountered as klom klam.


The Siamese pound [chang] weighs 1200 grammes. The subdivisions of the Siamese pound are: the tamlung weighing 4 ticals, the salung weighing ¼ of the tical, the fuang weighing ⅛ of the tical, the hun weighing 1/5 of a fuang; the klam weighing ⅛ of the fuang and the klom weighing two grains of rice.

D. J. B. Pallegoix.
J. L. Vey, revisor.
Siamese French English Dictionary.
Bangkok: Printing-Office of the Catholic Mission, 1896.

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