klam [Thai. กลำ่]

In Thailand, at least as early as the 17th century – 20th century, a unit of mass, in the 20th century about 234.3 milligrams. chart symbol



Le clam aussi n'est pas une monnoye, mais il est censé peser douze grains de ris. Voilà ce que l'on m'a dit, & sur ce pié làle tical peseroit 768.grains de ris entier. Ce que je n'ay point éprouvé.

The klam also is not a monetary unit, rather it is supposed to be the weight of 12 grains of whole rice. This is what I was told, and on this basis the tical should weigh 768 grains of whole rice. In this matter I have no personal experience.

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Klẵm... Weight of a wild pea.

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