kara [Arabic]


In Arabia, ? – 19ᵗʰ century, a unit of mass, approximately 2500 kilograms (about 5500 pounds). There was also a small kara, half the size of the large kara. Also romanized as cara. Used for dates and perhaps other goods.

Samuel M[arinus] Zwemer.
Arabia, The Cradle of Islam.
Edinburgh and London: Oliphant Anderson and Ferrier, 1900.

Page 125.

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According to Doursther (1840), in Constantinople the kara was a unit of mass = 1/16 drachme, about 200.5 milligrams, and synonymous with killo, taim and kilotz. This is clearly the qirat of Asia Minor, = 1/24 mitqal.

Doursther, pages 89 (under Constantinople), 184 and 513.

Hinz, page 27.

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