kailī- [Marathi कैली ]

In the state of Maharashtra, India opens map showing location of the state of Maharashtra in India, ? – 19ᵗʰ century, a number of important terms were used both as the name of a unit of mass and as the name of a unit of capacity—for example, maund and seer. In Marathi, “kailí” could be added to the name of the unit to indicate that the unit of capacity was meant. Its opposite was वजनी , which indicated a unit of weight.



Kailí, Mar[athi]. () Relating to measure, by or of measure as opposed to weight, and prefixed in that sense to names of measures; as, Kailí-man, a man or maund by measure, not by weight.

H. H. Wilson, 1855, page 249.


कैली kailī a ( A) Of capacity. Prefixed to words expressing measure; to खंडी, मण, शेर &c. implying A maund, candy, sher &c. of capacity. Opp. to वजनी Of weight.

J. T. Molesworth, 1857, page 182.

Where is the state of Maharashtra in India?

A map showing the location of Maharashtra.

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