jok [Thai. จก?]


For the traffic of sawed wood and for their sawing it is counted by jŏk. The jŏk represents a surface of planks of 4 square va [wah] (square meters) and of a niu (inch) in thickness. Thus when it is said that a piece of wood contains 3 jŏk it is understood that if this piece of wood be made into planks of the thickness of niu these planks will have together a surface of three times four square va.

Sawed wood having more or less than a niu of thickness is also estimated by jŏk of which the price varies in proportion to the cubage and the expenses of the sawing.

D. J. B. Pallegoix.
J. L. Vey, revisor.
Siamese French English Dictionary.
Bangkok: Printing-Office of the Catholic Mission, 1896.

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