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In Afghanistan opens map showing location of Afghanistan, ? – 21st century, a unit of area, approximately 1953.6 square meters. The side of a square with an area of 1 jerib is a unit of length, the side of jerib, approximately 44.200 meters.

United Nations, 1966.

The gazi jerib is 0.5426 square meters.


Returns on these summer crops have improved in recent years, but with total landholdings rarely exceeding five jeribs (around one ha in total), the on-farm income is insufficient to meet the basic needs of households that can frequently have ten members or more.

David Mansfield.
Between a Rock and a Hard Place. Counter-narcotics efforts and their effects in Nangarhar and Helmand in the 2010-11 growing season.
Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit Case Study Series.
Kabul: Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit, October 2011.
Page 10. Also in the glossary on page viii.


In Iran opens map showing location of Iran, 20ᵗʰ century, two units of area. By the metrication law of 31 May 1926, the metric jerib = 1 hectare (about 2.471 acres). The other is approximately 1,081.6 square meters¹. Also romanized as jarib.

1. United Nations, 1966.


During the Caliphate of `Omar, who bequeathed Arabian `Irāq to the Moslems, he gave orders to effect its mensuration, and after careful survey the result showed an area of 36,000,000 Jarībs. Accounting, however, as beforesaid, that the total area (of the province) is 10,000 square leagues, since each square league contains 40,000 Jarībs—each Jarīb being a square of 60 ells by 60 ells—these 10,000 square leagues would give 400,000,000 Jarībs. (But this is in excess, and) the measurement giving 10,000 square leagues can only be attained on the supposition that the area enclosed by the sides of latitude and longitude is a right-angled parallelogram.

Ḥamd-Allāh Mustawfī of Qazwīn.
G. Le Strange, trans.
The Geographical Part of the Nuzhat-al-Qulūb.
Leyden: E. J. Brill, Imprimerie Orientale, 1919.
Chapter 4. Written around 740 A.H.(1340 CE). By “league” the translator means a farsakh, and by “ell”, probably the dhirā` khalkī.

A map showing the location of Afghanistan.

Where is Afghanistan?

World map showing the location of Iran, east of the Persian Gulf, south of the Caspian (or Arabian) Sea, and west of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Where is Iran?

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