From the Greek hyle, ύλη, meaning “matter”.


In Germany and northern Europe, the coherent unit of mass in the metric technical or meter–kilogram force–second system of units, = 9.806 65 kilograms. This unit is identical with the kilohyl.


A mass such that a gram-force acting on it will accelerate it 1 meter per second per second, approximately 9.806 65 × 10⁻³ kilograms. It will be seen that this definition is identical to the one above except that a gram-force is substituted for a kilogram-force. To convert this unit into one which would be coherent in a system based on the kilogram-force, it must be multiplied by 1000, hence the kilohyl, which is identical to the hyl of definition 1. The definition of the hyl in this sense and the kilohyl can be found works by German and eastern European authors, for example, Drazil.

J. V. Drazil.
Dictionary of Quantities and Units.
Cleveland OH: CRC Press, 1971.

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