In Kumaon, India, 19ᵗʰ century, a unit of land area = 1600 square paces.



In the Bháwer, actual measurement is used, and the calculation is made either in bigahs or Hothas. The former corresponds to the bigah of the plains, the latter contains 1600 square paces.

George William Traill.
Statistical Report of Kumaon.
J. H. Batten, editor.
Official Reports of the Province of Kumaon.
Agra: Printed at the Secundra Orphan Press, 1851.
Page 34. This essay also appeared in Asiatic Researches, vol. XVI, but the page reference is to the book.


Hotha, (?) H[indi]. A land measure = 1600 square paces.—Kamaon.

H. H. Wilson, 1855, page 579. Maybe just an echo of Traill.

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