metric horsepower

Convert between metric horsepower and other major units of power.

A unit of power = 75 meter kilograms-force per second = 735.498 75 watts. Symbol: in French, ch (for cheval-vapeur); in German, PS (for Pferdestärke); in Italy, cv (for cavallo vapore); in the Netherlands, pk (for Paardekracht).

According to the current national standard in the United States¹, metric horsepower is not to be used. Watts should be used instead. In early 21st century Europe, automobile engines were routinely rated in kilowatts as well as horsepower.

In 1971, the European Economic Community directed that use of this unit, by whatever name it was known nationally, was to cease by 31 December 1977

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See Section 3.3.3.

2. European Economic Community, Council Directive of 18 October 1971 on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to units of measurement (Directive 71/354/EEC), Annex, Chapter III.

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