In Cambodia, 20th century, a unit of mass, = 60 kilograms.

United Nations, 1966.


In Laos, ? – 20th century, a unit of mass, = 60 kilograms. chart symbol


[Thai. หาบ] In Thailand,? – 20th century, a unit of mass = 50 chang. After the metric standardization of 1923 = 60 kilograms. link to page with chart showing relationships between Thai units of mass Sometimes called the “Siamese picul,” or hal or taam. Also romanized as harb. The Weights and Measures Act B.E. 2542 (1999) provides for a 60-kg customary unit, described in English translations as a “standard picul,” abbreviation p. It is however, a hap, and is so written and pronounced in Thai.

In the 19th century = 133.75 pounds avoirdupois. The Standards Dept. of the English Board of Trade evaluated a gilt gun metal standard in 1876 and found it to be 133.731 pounds avoirdupois.

W. A. Browne, 1879. Pages 275-6.


[Thai. หาบหลวง] standard metric picul 擔.

In 1959 the government of China defined the "market catty" as an even 500 grams. Thinking of the hap as = 100 Chinese catties makes it = 50 kg. As in 2, above, the Thai is actually hap, not picul.


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