In English-speaking countries, a unit of length used for yarn, the length varying with the fiber:



The term “hank” in the table does not mean that the yarn is in hank form, as it may be in any of the usual forms, such as cops, bobbins, warps, skeins, or hanks, etc., but it is used to indicate a definite length of yarn, i. e. 840 yards.

Thomas Yates.
A Practical Treatise on Yarn and Cloth Calculations for Cotton Fabrics. 2nd Edition.
New Bedford, MA: [no pub] 1904.


Hank-Unit of measuring yarn; silk hank being 1.000 yards; worsted hank 560 yards long; cotton hank 840 yards; woolen skein 1,520 yards; linen and jute 3,600 yards.

Louis Harmuth.
Dictionary of Textiles.
New York: Fairchild Publishing Co., 1915.


In Scotland, a yarn measure = 3 heids = 3600 yards. Also called a hesp.

Scottish National Dictionary, vol. 10.

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