hanegada [Spanish]

See also tahulla

In Alicante, Spain, a unit of land area, = 200 square cañas or brazales reales. The Valencian royal braza differed from the ordinary braza in being 9 palmos long instead of 8. Source 1 below says the hanegada is 831.39 square meters, but is taken as 831 square meters. (Doursther's value for the braza real, taken from Altès, would make the hanegada 832.9 square meters.) In the partido judicial of Villena, the hanegada equaled 840 square meters.

1. Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Téchnicos Agrícolas y Peritos Agrícolas de Alicante.
Medidas superficiales antiguas, usadas en la provincia de Alicante y su equivalencia en unidades métricas.
No date. Published online: www.dip-alicante.es/coitapa/medidas.pdf Accessed 15 April 2007.

2. Doursther, page 73.

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