grano [Spanish, Italian]


In Spanish apothecaries' weight, a unit of mass, about 0.05 grams. link to a chart showing relationships between the units in Spanish apothecaries' weight


In Chile opens map showing location of Chile and Honduras, 20ᵗʰ century (UN 1966), a unit of mass, = 1 grain (approximately 64.7989 milligrams).


In Rome, 0.757 grain, ¹⁄6912 of a libbra.


Name given to the decigram in Milan in 1803.


In Costa Rica, ? – 20ᵗʰ century, a unit of mass = 1/9216 libra = 0.0492 gram. (The grano in apothecaries' weight, however, = 1/6912 libra = 0.0499 gram.)

[Costa Rica. Ministerio de formento.]
Medidas y pesas del sistema métrico, y tablas de equivalencia con las antiguas.
San José de Costa Rica: Imprenta nacional, 1885.


In Mexico, a unit of length, = 1/3 dedo = 1/144 vara, about 5.82 millimeters. A synonym is paja.

Galván Riviera, 1844. Excerpt in Spanish with English translation.

Where is Chile?

A map showing the location of Chile.

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