pearl grain


In the United Kingdom, a unit of mass used in the pearl trade, such that 600 pearl grains = 1 troy ounce, so 1 pearl grain = ⁴⁄₅ of a grain, about 51.839 milligrams.


Pearls are either sold by the piece according to their weight, or by the ounce troy, which is divided into 600 grains; this is the custom with all dealers in pearls. Single pearls of value are sometimes sold by diamond grains.

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In Australia and New Zealand, the grain, as applied to pearls, was ¼ of a carat of 205.5 milligrams, or 51.4 milligrams. This unit, perhaps coincidentally, bears the same relationship to the carat (¼) as the old Islamic pearl grain, the ḥabba, bore to the ḳirāṭ.

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