See also guz.


See the discussion under zar of the gaz, zar and dhar'.

In Iran opens map showing location of Iran, 20ᵗʰ century, two units:

United Nations 1966.

Locale value in cm
Kermanshah & Hamādan 95  
Isfahan 104  
Yazd 996  
Shiraz 102  
Lar 67  
Darab 99.0  
Tarun 67  
Bandar Abbas 79  
Djaroun 95  
Bandar-e Bushehr 93  
Khoy 110  


In Pakistan, 20ᵗʰ century, a unit of length, = 1 yard (exactly 0.9144 meter).

United Nations 1966.


In Malaysia, a unit of length = 1 depa, about 6 feet.

gaz. Pers[ian]. A measure of length approximately equal to a depa or a little under 6 feet. Sabuwah bukit-tinggi lima ribu gaz; a hill of the height of 5,000 gaz; Ht. Isk. Dz. Panjang-nya hamparan itu mam ratus gaz: a carpet twelve hundred yards long; Ht. Md. Hanaf., 58. Kopiyah lima gaz tinggi-nya: a cap thirty feet high; Ht. Hamz., 26.

Wilkinson, 1901, page 567.

World map showing the location of Iran, east of the Persian Gulf, south of the Caspian (or Arabian) Sea, and west of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Where is Iran?

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