See also guz.


X A map showing the location of Iran.

Where is Iran?

See the discussion under zar of the gaz, zar and dhar'.

In Iran globe icon, 20ᵗʰ century, two units:

United Nations 1966.

Locale value in cm
Kermanshah & Hamādan 95  
Isfahan 104  
Yazd 996  
Shiraz 102  
Lar 67  
Darab 99.0  
Tarun 67  
Bandar Abbas 79  
Djaroun 95  
Bandar-e Bushehr 93  
Khoy 110  


In Pakistan, 20ᵗʰ century, a unit of length, = 1 yard (exactly 0.9144 meter).

United Nations 1966.


In Malaysia, a unit of length = 1 depa, about 6 feet.

gaz. Pers[ian]. A measure of length approximately equal to a depa or a little under 6 feet. Sabuwah bukit-tinggi lima ribu gaz; a hill of the height of 5,000 gaz; Ht. Isk. Dz. Panjang-nya hamparan itu mam ratus gaz: a carpet twelve hundred yards long; Ht. Md. Hanaf., 58. Kopiyah lima gaz tinggi-nya: a cap thirty feet high; Ht. Hamz., 26.

Wilkinson, 1901, page 567.


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