In Cuba, ? — 20ᵗʰ century, a unit of capacity, = 25 botellas = approximately 18.126 liters.

United Nations, 1966.

Technical Factors..., 1972, page 140.


In Bolivia, ? – 20ᵗʰ century, in the town of Las Piedras in the department of Pando, a unit of liquid capacity = 23 liters.

In the town of Totora in the department of Cochabamba, two units of liquid capacity, one of 15.18 liters for chicha (a type of beer made from corn), and one of 1.80 liters for other liquids.

[Bolivia] Ministerio de Agricultura, Ganaderia y Colonizacion. Dirección General de Economia Rural.
Resumen General de Medidas típicas de la República de Bolivia.
Corrected and revised by the Departamento de Muestreos y Padrones.
[La Paz]: Departamento de Muestreos y Padrones, 1956.

Pages 20 and 47. (Page numbering is not continuous.)


A unit of liquid capacity “throughout New Spain,” “(seventeen to twenty-five liters) … for brandy.”

Manuel Carrera Stampa.
The evolution of weights and measures in New Spain.
The Hispanic American Historical Review, vol. 29, no. 1, pages 2 - 24 (February 1949).

Page 15.

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