In England, a unit of mass used for lead = ¹⁄₃₀ fother. Also spelled fotmael, formel.



The load of lead doth consist of 30. formels, and euerie formell containeth 6. stone, except two pound: and euerie stone doth consist of 12 pound.

Collection of English Statutes, 1615.

Note the 12-pound stone. The formell is then (6×12) - 2 = 70 pounds and the load 30×70 = 2100 pounds. 


The pes, or fotmael, is one-tenth of a cubic foot of lead, for the cubic foot weighs about 707 pounds, and three such cubic feet nearly equal the ancient fother.

James E. Thorold Rogers.
A History of Agriculture and Prices in England. Vol. 1.
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1882.
Page 169.

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