Jersey square foot

The ordinary measure of length in all the islands is the standard English foot, of twelve inches.

In square measure, however, the Jersey method of calculation is very peculiar. The Jersey square foot is a space twelve Jersey inches in breadth, each such inch being twenty-four Jersey feet long by one inch broad. The square foot thus becomes an area, measuring twenty-four Jersey feet by one Jersey foot. In this measurement, however, the linear Jersey foot is equivalent to only eleven English inches, so that the square foot of Jersey equals twenty and one-sixth square feet English measurement.

In the case of glazier's work, the square foot measures only eight inches long by eight broad, or sixty-four square inches English.

In measuring land, the perch contains twenty-four Jersey square feet of the kind above stated, and is therefore equivalent to four hundred and eighty-four English square feet, or an area twenty-two English feet square.

Forty perches make a vergée, of about 2,150 square yards English. Thus two and a-quarter Jersey vergées are nearly equivalent to the English acre.

In other matters, the English measures are adopted.

David Thomas Ansted and Robert Gordon Latham.
The Channel Islands.
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