In Denmark and Norway, a premetric unit of length, by the decrees of 1683 and 1698 = 3 alen = 6 fødder. In Denmark, about 188.31 centimeters (about 2.06 yards). Danish plural, favne. link to a table showing relationships between Danish units of length In Norway, about 188.25 cm. Norwegian plural, favner.


In Norway, ? – 20ᵗʰ century, a unit of capacity used for fuelwood. Originally it was a stack of wood 1 favn long by 1 favn high by 1 alen deep, about 2.22 cubic meters. With metrication, it came to be defined as 2 meters long by 2 meters high by 60 centimeters deep, approximately 2.4 cubic meters.

The favn was also used in this sense in Denmark.

United Nations, 1966.

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