fanga [Portuguese]

For the Spanish unit, see fanega.


In Portugal, ? – 19th century, a unit of dry capacity, 55.364 liters in Lisbon approximately 54.08 liters. In Oporto, 68.27 L. In Faro, 66.06 L.  link to a table showing relationships between Portuguese units of dry capacity See the chart for a more extensive view of values elsewhere.

A special, much larger, fanga existed for coal, = ¹⁄₆ pipa of dry capacity for coal = 8 heaped alqueires, about 746 liters, with a weight of about 595 kilograms.

Doursther, pages 145 and 432.


In Brazil A map showing the location of Brazil., a unit of capacity, 145.1 liters (about 4.12 U.S. bushels).


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