In Gurwhal, India, 19ᵗʰ century, both a grain measure and a unit of land area. For the latter, see jhúla. It appears to represent 16 nálís as the bísí represents 20. Also spelled doon.



Nalee, in Kumaon, Patha in Gurwhal — Measure of land, derived from a measure of a capacity equal to about 2 seers of grain; or quantity which is supposed capable of sowing the land (vide Reports in loco).

Beesee.—20 nalees or pathas.

Jhoola.—A number of beesees varying from 6 to 18 according to the tenure of the grant of land, &c., (vide Traill's Report in loco).

As.—Similar to a beesee.

Allee.—A number of Beesees less than Jhoola, (vide Traill's Report).

Belka.—Similar to a nalee or patha.

Peraiee.—Sixteen nalees. This term represents both quantity of land, and actual produce.

Doon.—Ditto ditto in Gurhwal.

Mana.—Fourth part of a nalee.

Reendee.—Similar to a beesee.

Masa, Pysa, Doganee, &c., &c,— Proportional parts of grain produce.

Gula, Un, Unaj, Oopaj, Paidawaree,—Grain produce.

Glossary of Terms in Use Among the Hill Village Communities. Part II.
Selection of Terms Connected with Locality, Implements, Quantity, &c.
J. H. Batten, editor.
Official Reports of the Province of Kumaon.
Agra: Printed at the Secundra Orphan Press, 1851.
Page 467. Considering the number of ambiguous or possibly incorrect items, this glossary should be treated with caution.


Dhon, (?) H. A grain measure = 16 Pathas, or one-twentieth of a Khárí (? if it should not be Dron. See Khárí).— Garhwal.

H. H. Wilson, page 575.

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