A Mayan unit of mass, estimated by Calderon at 43.4 kilograms. It is often said that there were no units of mass in Central America prior to the Spanish invasion. Apparently balances, steelyards, etc. were unknown, as were mass standards, but there were words like this one associated with a practical value of mass in a particular application.

Hector M. Calderon
La Ciencia Matematica de los Mayas.
Mexico, D.F.: Editorial Orion, 1966.


Cuch carga que el hombre, o la bestia, lleban a cuestas.

Cuch the load which a man, or beast, can carry on his shoulders.

Antonio de Ciudad Real.
Calepino Maya de Motul.
Critical edition edited and annotated by René Acuña.
Mexico: Plaza y Valdes Editores, 2001.

Page 123. The Calepino Maya de Motul, a dictionary, was composed in Yucatan in the 16th and 17th centuries.

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