Various South American units of length or area, 20ᵗʰ century:

country unit of distance unit of area
Argentina 129.9 meters (about 142.1 yards) 16,870 square meters (about 4.17 acres).

Senillosa (1835) reported that the cuadra in the city was a square 140 varas on a side (so about 14,700 square meters), and in the countryside 100 varas in a side (so about 7500 sq. meters).

Bolivia 100 meters.

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not used
Chile opens map showing location of Chile approximately 125.39 meters (about 137.13 yards) approximately 15,725 square meters (about 3.8857 acres).¹
Colombia approximately 80 meters.¹
Ecuador approximately 84.0 meters. approximately 7,056 square meters, approximately 70.56 acres.¹
El Salvador   = 70 square meters. opens a new page containing a chart that shows relationships between this unit and other units in its system

Technical Factors..., 1972, page 154.

Nicaragua The distance from one corner of a manzana to another corner on the same side, generally 84 meters or about 100 varas.

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Paraguay approximately 86.66 meters. approximately 7,500 square meters (1.85 acres).¹
Peru 1 hectare.¹
Uruguay approximately 85.9 meters approximately 7,379 square meters.
western Venezuela globe icon 6400 to 18000 square meters (1.58 — 4.45 acres).¹

1. United Nations, 1966.

Where is Chile?

A map showing the location of Chile.
X A map showing the location of Venezuela.

Where is Venezuela?

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