coppia [Italian]

In Lucca, 14ᵗʰ century, unit of mass for silk, about 665.7 grams.

Libbre 2 e once 2 di seta al peso di Pera fanno in Lucca libbre 2, cioè una coppia a che si vende seta in Lucca, ...

Two libbre, two once of silk in Pera make 2 libbre in Lucca, that is to say 1 coppia, by which they sell silk in Lucca.

Pegolotti, 1340.

Assuming 100 Florentine libbre = 102 libbre in Lucca (per Chiarini), and that a 14ᵗʰ-century Florentine libbra is about 339.5 grams, the coppia is about 665.7 grams.

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