côvado [Portugese]

See also covid, covido.


In Macau, 20th century, two units:


In Portugal, 15th – 20th centuries, a unit of length primarily used for cloth, 66 centimeters (about 25.98 inches). link to a chart showing relationships between Portuguese units of length Simmonds gives 25.8 inches.



Chovidi 3 et un terzo di panno di Lisbona fanno in Firenze channa una sì che uno braccio di Firenze fa in Lisbona septe octavi di chovidi.

Three and a third covados of cloth in Lisbon make 1 canna in Florence, thus a Florentine bracca is in Lisbon 7/8 of a covado.

Chiarini, 1481.


Cloth Measure

A vara is equal to 3 ft. 7 1/8 inch English

A covedo "  " "  2  2 2/3 ditto

N.B. Broadcloth is sold by the covedo and muslins, &c. by the vara.

William Granville Eliot.
A Treatise on the Defence of Portugal, with a military map of the country, to which is added, a sketch of the manners and customs of the inhabitants,… Second Edition
London: Printed for T. Egerton, 1811.
Page 285.


Covado 3 palmos.....0,66 metro

Mappas das Medidas do Novo Systema Legal comparadas com as Antigas nos Diversos Concelhos do Reino e Ilhas.
Lisbon: Imprensa Nacional, 1868.
Page 298.


In Brazil globe icon, 68.49 centimeters (about 26.96 inches).


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