In Korea, a unit of volume used for lumber, = 100 jae = 12 cubic cheok, about 40.07 cubic decimeters.


Conversionsysaem [sic] for Timber
1 才@·····1寸 × 1寸 × 12尺 ·······(1 Jae·······0.1 Chon × 0.1 Chon × 12 Chok)
1尺[illegible] ····300@····12立方尺 (1 Chokche = 300 Jae = 12 Cubic Chok)
1石·····83@·····100立方尺·····(1 Suk = 83.3 Jae = 10 Cubic Chok)
1立方米······3.5937石······(1 Cubic Meter = 3.5937 Suk)

Bureau of Statistics, Ministry of Home Affairs.
Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Korea. 1958.
Page 288.

Internal evidence shows something is amiss with the above data. The ratio 300:83.3 is not the ratio 12:10. Moreover, 1/10 chon, about a third of a centimeter, is an improbably small value for a unit similar to the English board foot.

The Korean portion clarifies what happened in the first line. 0.1 chok is a chon. The numeral was changed without also changing the name of the unit, a word processing error before word processors.

The second line appears to contain a typographical error; “300” should be “100”. That change makes the ratios agree and the resulting metric values agree with other sources.

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