cenyollotli [Nahuatl]

In Mexico, a unit of length among the Aztec, the distance from the middle of the sternum to the tips of the fingers of an outstretched arm, = ½ tlalquahuitl. Also spelled cenyolotli. Some say it literally means “one heart”; others “one breast”.



cenyollotli, from the middle of the breast to the end of the fingers (ce, one, yollotl, breast).

Daniel G. Brinton.
The Lineal Measures of the Semi-Civilized Nations of Mexico and Central America.
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, vol. 18, no. 118 pages 194- 197 (March 1885).
Page 202.


[Page 17:] Cenyollotli medida de braça, desdel pecho ala mano.

[Page 21:] Braça medida del pecho ala mano. cenyollotli

[Page 83] Medida braça. cenyollotli.


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