In some Italian cities, a unit of mass = 100 of another unit of mass. In Florence after 1836, 33.95 kilograms; in Milan after 1803 100 kg; Venice 100 kg. Sometimes a synonym for quintal.


In the Greek islands of Corfu and Paxos, a unit of mass used for salt, according to Kisch, about 59.7 kilograms, but according to Doursther, about 4200 peso grosso, = 2000 kilograms. link to a table showing relationships between salt units in Corfu


Centinaio is the Italian name of various hundredweights, including that of England.

Tutte merchantie che si vendono a chantare si dà libbre 128 per chantare e tutte merchantie che si vendeno a centinaio in Londra si dà libre 112 per 100.

All merchandise which is sold by the cantaro is by the cantaro of 128 pounds per cantaro and all merchandise which is sold by the hundredweight in London is 112 per hundredweight

Chiarini, 1481. Borlandi, page 136.


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