centigrade heat unit

A unit used to express the size of a heat flow, 19ᵗʰ and 20ᵗʰ centuries. Symbol, “Chu”. This unit was sometimes called the pound centigrade unit, symbol “Pcu”.

“The quantity of heat required to increase the temperature of one pound of water 1 degree Centigrade at atmospheric pressure; approximately 454 gramcalories.”¹

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A Glossary of Terms in Nuclear Science and Technology.
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“...in the proportions of 1,390 footpounds for each centigrade heat unit, a heat unit being the amount of heat necessary to heat one pound weight of water through 1° C.”

Dugald Clerk.
The Gas Engine. Third edition.
New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1890.
Page 36.


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