cemmolícpitl [Nahuatl]

In Mexico, at least as early as the 16ᵗʰ century – ?, a measure of length among the Aztec, about 45 centimeters (18 inches).

According to Molina (1571): “un codo, medida hasta la punta del dedo mas largo” (a cubit, measured to the tip of the longest finger).

Brinton says “From the elbow to the ends of the fingers of the same arm, cemmolicpitl, one elbow, ce, one, molicpitl elbow. This is the cubit.”

Daniel G. Brinton.
The Lineal Measures of the Semi-Civilized Nations of Mexico and Central America.
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, vol. 18, no. 118 pages 194-197 (March 1885).

Page 202.


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